Career as an Independent Financial Advisor



An Independent Financial Advisors(IFA) is governed differently from a Financial Advisor.

“[Financial Advisers Act] will create of a new class of licensed financial advisers. These professionals will be able to provide investment advice on a wide array of financial products, and also sell unit trusts and their close substitutes, such as ILPs. In some cases, these financial advisers will not be connected to any product providers, such as fund managers or insurance companies, and will act independently of them. Such independent financial advisers will represent the interests of their clients, rather than the interests of specific product providers.”

– Speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong for the Second Reading of the Financial Advisers Bill 2001 in Parliament on 5th October 2001

An IFA meet with clients and counsel them on their finances. This could mean sitting down and creating budgets to firming up retirement plans to giving advice about investing.

An IFA can also invest a client’s funds and meet with him or her regularly to discuss their investments or insurance matters. Many times,  help plan a safe, comfortable future for their clients, but they’re also called upon when the unexpected occurs –perhaps the death of a parent, a couple plans on divorcing or a child is hospitalised. He/she may step in and make sense of these fiscal troubles and create a plan for moving forward. An IFA must be able to listen to their clients; explain complex ideas in easy-to-understand ways; and be able to sympathize with their clients.

If the above sounds like what you enjoy doing and you are a Singaporean/PR with at least an”A”-Level or Diploma holder and above 21 years old, drop me a message and let us have a discussion.

Lack of financial knowledge and experience it is fine. You will be enrolled in a customised training program designed by a reputable independent financial advisory firm to provide you with the right tools, skills and knowledge to perform the job.

How the company help you?

  • A comprehensive 9 days program to guide you from the prospecting stage to conducting a financial plan
  • Leads generation – From existing clients, seminars, telemarketing.
  • Mentoring from experience advisors & managers
  • Joint field work
  • Advisor sharing sessions
  • Product comparison and training


Do complete and submit the form below for a discussion on the career as an Independent Financial Advisor.


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